Issue Highlights


As a life-long Catholic, I believe that life begins at conception.  As your State Representative, you can count on me to fight for legislation that protects the sanctity of life.  I will work with organizations that offer meaningful alternatives to ensure that children are placed in loving homes and do not linger within the system.


Gun Rights

I am a member of the National Rifle Association and firmly believe that we must protect ALL rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Ohio.  The rights of law-abiding citizens should not be restricted.  As you’re State Representative, I will fight to protect our second amendment rights.


Opiate Epidemic

As a former prosecutor of eight years, I have seen the devastation the opiate epidemic is having on families. I have seen children lose their parents and parents lose their children. As your State Representative, I will fight for laws that allow judges to be tough on traffickers. We must ensure that we have quality programs available for individuals seeking treatment. My experience as both a public defender and former prosecutor make me uniquely qualified to talk about this issue.



Education Reform

The proper education of our children is critical to our future.   School funding in Ohio is broken and we MUST fix it.  Delaware County residents want fair funding.  As your State Representative, I will fight for our children and our schools.  More of our tax dollars need to stay right here to fund our great schools and give our children a solid education.


Protecting our Tax Dollars

Delaware County families know how to use their hard-earned dollars better than the government does. I will make sure our money is spent wisely and oppose new taxes on our families and businesses.


Jobs and Infrastructure

I will work with our County Commissioners, County Engineer and other elected officials to ensure that Delaware County continues to have what it needs to thrive. Whether it is sufficient infrastructure or other legislation that promotes economic development.


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